Dave Simpson (1knighthawk) wrote in reviewcorner,
Dave Simpson

Movie: Corpse Bride


Directed by: Tim Burton & Mike Johnson

Tim Burton tries to duplicate his success with Nightmare Before Christmas in Corpse Bride, unfortunately he manages to fall short, in many ways. The film is shorter than Nightmare Before Christmas, not even 80 minutes long, and even more disjointed. There are obvious skips in the plot and story, mostly to make way for song & dance numbers that really don't help to advance the plot much. Luckily for Corpse Bride, the love story doesn't have the same "tacked on" feeling that was given in Nightmare Before Christmas. The ending of Corpse Bride, however, does give a tacked on feeling, particularly with resolution between Victor's living and dead betrotheds.

I like Tim Burton's style, and I think that if he keeps trying, he'll eventually get this right, unfortunately, he hasn't quite pinned it down yet.

The acting was spectacular however, and the animation of the everything shown was amazing and fluid, much more so than in Nightmare Before Christmas.

Out of 5 stars I give this film a 3.
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