Dave Simpson (1knighthawk) wrote in reviewcorner,
Dave Simpson

(MOVIE) Red Eye:


Directed by Wes Craven

Ok, instead of horror, Wes Craven went for suspense this time. All in all, not a bad movie. It's not exactly spectacular, but not bad. The plot is rather particular. Like the ... incident at the hotel, I figured out what would happen there (the case in the beginning was kinda a give away...oh, and hiding it in the fish crate...gimme a break, I've seen it before...like 10 years ago in a Gunsmith Cats anime-episode!)

The ending is really predictable. I was really hoping for a twist, but unfortunately the twist never came.

Over all the effects were pretty good, the acting was REALLY good.

OVERALL RATING: (out of five stars) 3
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