Dave Simpson (1knighthawk) wrote in reviewcorner,
Dave Simpson

Movie: Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight:

I would love to say this is an amazing movie...but unfortunately, the animation and artwork is really substandard, especially in light of the graphic novels being published.
The combination of hand-drawn art and CG really leaves a lot to be desired. It reminds me strongly of the blending back when Blue Submarine No. 6 did it. There are times that the Draconians look amazing, others it's a sorry sorry blending. I have to admit, the dragon that guards the discs of Mishakal actually looks pretty good, unfortunately the Dark Queen...not so much.
I love Dragonlance, have loved it ever since I had started reading them back in the 1990's (borrowed Mike's copies when he wasn't looking, along with Azure Bonds, Pool of Radiance, etc.)
The film is graced by the voice talents of Kiefer Sutherland (he played the Earth cop in Armitage III) Phil Lamarr (MadTV fame), and Lucy Lawless (she's Goldmoon...who would have thought?!).
If you are a fan of Dragonlance, I am not going to say avoid this movie, because it's honestly really close to the original novel (as it is only Dragons of Autumn Twilight), but some of the production value, and lack thereof, will be more than disappointing to at least some Dragonlance fans.

You can see more at: http://www.dragonlance-movie.com/
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