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The Review Corner

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This is a movie review community. This will include movies and anime reviews. This may later branch out to RPGs, Video games (including computer games), music, and books.

This is also an experimental community.

As the review types begin to vary, I will sort them into catagories in the memories section for ease of searching.


1. No flaming! I can't stress this enough! Flamers will be banned...PERMINENTLY! There is no second chance on this one.

2. No Spamming!

3. If you are posting a review, the title should include the catagory of review (movie, anime, music, books, etc) and the title (author if desired / applicable)
Here is an example: HEADER: (Anime) Akira - Katsuhiro Otomo

4. If there is a summary elsewhere, please link to it. Not neccessary, but it'd be nice so that readers can get right to the reviews!

5. Respect all other users. Opinions vary, and obviously from time to time, they'll clash, but I think we can disagree, and be polite about it.

6. When in doubt, use your best judgement.

Have fun everyone!